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Combined Cycle Journal Article

CCJ features TGM® in an article on rewinding generator rotors onsite.


New President and Support Organization for TGM Servicios Limitada

Todd Feeley has been appointed President, TGM Servicios Limitada. South America operations are supported by the appointments of Manuel Cifuentes as Business and Resource Manager and Melissa Rodriguez as Regional Account Manager.


Top 10 Generator Failure Modes

Industry expert Paul Heikkinen presented an educational and informative webinar on the Top 10 generator failure modes and the options available for remediation. Twenty-three people from all over the country attended this session. TGM® plans to hold more webinars in the near future.



Safety Slogan Winner:

Ricky Breeden

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 May 27, 2015

TGM Team:
On behalf of ecomaine, thank you to all those involved in our successful turbine outage
The generator is currently running at full load.
Our team wishes to reach out to the TGM professional staff to let them know that we are very pleased with the entire TGM group. We were very impressed with the work of the field crews and their attention to safety. I very much enjoyed working with Raymond and appreciate the experience and knowledge that he brought to our project. He has developed an excellent team.
Your group successfully supported our project in all areas: controls, turbine field service, generator field service, shop support, field machining, and start up. Ecomaine is pleased with all of the accomplishments of each. TGM should be proud of the work they completed for ecomaine.
I enjoyed working with each and every person that worked on site. I found each to be professional, helpful, very competent and knowledgeable, and pleasant to work with.
Thank you again for a successful outage, I look forward to working with your entire group in the future.

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