Gas Turbine Engineering


A company build on industry leadership, knowledge and experience

TGM® employs industry-experienced professionals who work together consistently as a cohesive team, anticipating problems and formulating best solutions. Our team approach allows us to better organize and manage your project details and plan for contingencies. This organization you see here makes for a project team that runs smoothly… So your project runs smoothly too.

Project Management

Good project management is key to a successful outage. TGM Technical Directors and Foremen are industry veterans, with experience across all the units we service. Many of them started their careers with an OEM.  They offer the technical and project management proficiency to guide your specific project and are qualified to provide clear options and recommendations when repairs are required.

Project Coordinator

The on-site Project Coordinator manages supplies, parts, services and contractors and reports costs on a daily basis.  This allows TGM to manage your project with a single Technical Director, reducing costs and providing seamless control.

Turbine Mechanics

Each Foreman builds a base crew of Mechanics who work together consistently.  TGM also provides formal training and advancement for a pool of mechanics who are utilized when larger crews are needed.  Together, they have the necessary skills and experience, and know TGM tools, procedures and safety.

Generator Specialists

Our Generator Specialists have years of OEM and TGM experience in the testing, repair, and installation of rotor and stator winding systems. This experience provides practical solutions to our customers with an absolute commitment to quality and reliability.

Generator Winding Technicians

TGM Winding Technicians have the same professional traits as our Turbine Mechanics. Our philosophy of “Safety, Quality, and Production—in that Order!” carries through in everything that TGM does. We understand the criticality of tool and material control, and each Winding Technician understands his role in the success of the project. Experience, professionalism, and pride are the three adjectives that most aptly describe these employees.

Qualified Contractors

Over the years, we have built a qualified network of consultants and companies providing a full complement of specialty services.  This enables TGM to deliver a total turn-key package.  All work performed by TGM-provided vendors is covered under TGM’s comprehensive warranty.