The Right Tools


TGM® takes great pride in our tool sets; we feel they are the most comprehensive and best organized in the industry.

We invest over $300K in each Major Inspection tool set, so that we have all the tools necessary to perform your project efficiently. We will never borrow a tool from you – when we arrive, the only tools we require are the specialty tools originally provided with the turbine and generator. If one of these tools has been lost or destroyed, TGM® can design and manufacture a replacement.

Our tools are containerized for portability and organized for efficiency. Small tools are organized in moveable heavy duty cabinets, with each drawer labeled in large letters. We have a standardized arrangement for all our tool sets, so if a mechanic is familiar with one, he is familiar with all. Tools are organized in foam cutouts within the drawer. Our mechanics retrieve and replace their own tools, so a crib attendant is not needed.

Besides Major Inspection tool sets we have developed many other customized sets including:

  • Generator Winding Repair kit
  • Lube Oil Flush kit
  • Valve and Bearing Inspection kit
  • VAX Inspection kit
  • Emergency Response kits

Our Project-Specific Planning allows us to customize the tool set for the job. We have what we need on-site, even planning for contingencies. The more organized we are, the more efficient our project teams can be, and that means less downtime for you. As part of The TGM® Way, our fully-equipped trailers focus on safety and reduce labor costs so we can get your unit back online efficiently.