The TGM way is exemplified in the way our own customers talk about our work and performance

Job Number AR9112

Minor Inspection of 25MW GE Steam Turbine. Inspected Control Valves, Stop Valve & NRV. Active and inactive bearing inspection. Inspect Main, Aux and Emergency Oil Pumps. Inspect Turning Gear. Install new hydrogen seals, replace hydraulic oil cooler, Disassy/Test/Assy lube oil coolers and hydrogen coolers. Borescope inspection & visual inspection of vapor extractor & eruption diaphragm.


  • TGM’s guys go over each step of the inspection scope to make sure all details are clear between parties.
  • TGM has executed outages on all our machines over the past three years. We have had the same TD here for the past three years and has been instrumental in improving the reliability of our machines.
  • TGM’s TD’s are excellent at staying on schedule.
  • All of TGM’s crew have good attitudes and are a pleasure to work with.
  • Excellent work partners.
Job Number AR91129/5/16 Arkansas
Job Number CA9166

Combustion Inspection and Compressor Inspection on Combustion Turbine. Removed and replaced two diaphragms, replaced #4 with new. Foreign Object Damage (FOD) was blended and NDE. Cleaned IGV vanes and verified angles in open and closed positions. Inspected fire system. Recorded FOD and blade clearances on turbine blades. Replaced cooling air by-pass valve.


  • I thought Ronnie and his team did a great job. They kept the project moving & the work area organized.
Job Number CA916605/20/16 California
Job Number CA9126

Major inspection of 37MW GE steam turbine and generator. Complete disassembly of turbine with rotor removal. Straightened two blades on-site. Three diaphragms required repairs. Replaced most of the radial shaft packing. Inspected all valves, bearings, journals, oil pumps and auxilliaries.

Performed minor repairs as needed. Complete disassembly of generator with rotor removal. Inspected bearings, journals, oil seals and performed minor repairs. Machined mating surfaces of hydrogen seal housings true and replaced seals and springs as needed. Loose generator windings were corrected onsite with a TGM® End Winding Stability System. Cleaned rotor and stator and performed a full complement of electrical tests with no issues.


  • [Quote and Bidding] We asked for a lot and TGM delivered.
  • [Technical Knowledge] Joe gets a (4).
  • [Communications] (Joe) Let me know immediately. Never found out anything from anybody else. You (Joe) answered well and weren’t off hiding.
Job Number CA912605/19/16 Mississippi
Job Number CT9227

Investigation of leak in H2 cooler for 45MW generator.  Remove and replace turbine end hydrogen seal rings and oil seals. Locate & repair water leaks in hydrogen coolers. Coordinate with Lead Abatement and clean stator as accessible.


  • Gary, I wanted to send my appreciation to you and your team. You were all very responsive to our needs, accomplished the goal in a timely and professional manner ahead of proposed schedule. No complaints from your crew ever and the place was left as good if not better than when you started. It is nice when our contractors clean up after themselves and your men did an outstanding job in all aspects. It was a pleasure working with you and look forward to doing so again.
Job Number CT9227 05/7/16 Connecticut
Job Number DE8876

Remove V-1, V-2 and V-3 control valve actuators and replace with spares on an 18MW GE steam turbine. Disassemble and inspect steam side of the main stop valve. Blue check and lap main seat, pilot and back seat from 70% to 100% contact. Perform borescope inspection on the turbine internals through access ports.


  • “We were targeting a Budget $ – Went through a couple rev’s to reduce scope to meet budget.”
  • “Tech Director Glen Ferrell is awesome.”
Job Number DE887605/3/16 Delaware
Job Number TX8697

Generator Reliability Inspection Program (GRIP®) Option-2 and Generator Reliability Assessment & Diagnostic Evaluation (GRADE®) for a 117,209 kW ABB generator.  The generator was tested with the rotor in place and tests included Visual and Borescope, Copper Resistance, Insulation Resistance, Polarization Index, DC Stepped Voltage, Corona Camera Examination, RTD Resistance Measurement, RTD Insulation Resistance, Power Factor and Tip-up, AC Impedance, AC Pole Drop and Recurrent Surge Oscillograph.


  • “Would highly recommend to others – very pleased”
Job Number TX8697 01/13/16 Texas
Job Number LA8942

Combustion Inspection of an 85MW GE Frame 7EA combustion turbine and electrical testing and inspection of the generator. The IGVs and gas valve were also calibrated. Cracked stator vanes were found during the inspection and the compressor rotor was removed to replace the vane segments.


  • “TGM provided consistent leadership in Mark. It was good to see a familiar face leading the project. The addition of a Project Coordinator – David Jeffrey – was key. His dedicated focus allowed Mark to focus on the project while still delivering the updates that I needed. Another successful outage and an overall great experience. We were thrown a curve with the cracked compressor vanes, and we all worked together to handle it in stride.”
Job Number LA8942 10/27/15 Louisiana
Job Number ND8685

Minor Inspection of 7MW Westinghouse steam turbine. Horizontal joint bolting was loose and leaking steam. Weld repaired steam cuts across joints. Bent 2nd stage nozzle buckets straightened. Performed internal alignment of diaphragms and corrected positions. Disassembly, cleaning, dimensional inspection and NDE of all valves. Replaced #1 and #3 bearings which were wiped.


  • “The turbine is running very well. It settled into a nice rhythm with no issues. Great work on getting this unit into good operating order.
    Communication was excellent.
    I felt the company’s expertise was evident.
    I feel your company acts and performs in a professional manner.
    Comprehensive [Final] report and helpful.”
    -Jeff Landmann, American Crystal Sugar Company, Drayton, North Dakota Plant
Job Number ND868510/5/15 North Dakota (American Crystal Sugar, Drayton)
Job Number CHL8836

Emergency Major Inspection of 150MW Mitsubishi steam turbine restores 5% efficiency loss.


  • “It was great to work together with TGM. TGM understood [the company] and was a quick and sincere tender. TGM has a line-up of managers with great technical knowledge necessary to improve the mechanical line-up. Always provided project information.”
Job Number CHL8836 8/26/15 Chile
Job Number ME8496

Major Inspection 15MW Delaval Steam Turbine-Generator including on-site and off-site rotor and diaphragm repairs. Upgrade governor control to Woodward 505. Major inspection of generator including on-site rings-off reconditioning.


“TGM Team:

  • On behalf of Ecomaine, thank you to all those involved in our successful turbine outage
  • The generator is currently running at full load.
  • Our team wishes to reach out to the TGM professional staff to let them know that we are very pleased with the entire TGM group. We were very impressed with the work of the field crews and their attention to safety. I very much enjoyed working with Raymond and appreciate the experience and knowledge that he brought to our project. He has developed an excellent team.
  • Your group successfully supported our project in all areas: controls, turbine field service, generator field service, shop support, field machining, and start up. Ecomaine is pleased with all of the accomplishments of each. TGM should be proud of the work they completed for Ecomaine.
  • I enjoyed working with each and every person that worked on site. I found each to be professional, helpful, very competent and knowledgeable, and pleasant to work with.
  • Thank you again for a successful outage, I look forward to working with your entire group in the future.

~ Winfield Stratton”

Job Number ME8496 7/7/15 Maine
Job Number MI8435

Minor inspection of 60MW GE steam turbine. Disassembly, cleaning, dimensional inspection and NDE of all valves, replacing components as needed/available. Cleaned, flushed and inspected generator hydrogen coolers.


  • “Excellent communication during outage, also prior to outage communication was good. Not one problem during startup or since.”
Job Number MI8435 7/2/15 Michigan
Job Number IA8607

Major inspection of 23MW steam turbine-generator. Disassembly, cleaning, dimensional inspection and NDE of all valves, replacing components as needed/available. Turbine rotor repairs included blade replacement on three stages, weld repair of packing glands, and machined and polished journals and oil seal glands. Performed speed balance on rotor. Replaced radial spill strips on all diaphragms and blade carriers.

Weld repair and blending of several diaphragms suffering Foreign Object Damage. Removed rotor from generator and performed a complete rewind. Full suite of electrical inspections on rotor and stator. Refurbished turbine and generator bearings and oil seals as needed. Replaced generator hydrogen seals. Lube oil pumps, lube oil coolers, and seal oil pumps, generator coolers, and gland condenser disassembeled and inspected.


  • “Very thorough proposal, very satisfied the proposal was not cut back to the less detailed scope of work sent out to bid.”
Job Number IA8607 6/8/15 Idaho
Job Number MI8822

Forced emergency of 25MW GE steam turbine due to stuck valve rack. Found valve stem to valve connecting pins missing on V1 and V4 and blocking the seat on V1. Mill production issues dictated returning the unit to service as soon as possible. Replaced pins, blue checked valves and returned to service two days after commencement of outage.


  • “This was an emergency breakdown, quote was quick. Excellent communication during mobilization to site.”
Job Number MI8822 5/18/15 Michigan
Job Number TX8714-TX8733

Forced Emergency on 15MW GE steam turbine due to sticking valves on V-1, V-2, V-3. An extremely caustic slurry contamination was found on these valves and the MSV. Further borescope examination revealed contamination in the HP nozzle area which prompted a modified major inspection. The turbine was opened and the rotor and internals were removed. Everything was washed then gritblasted for NDE. No major defects were found so the unit was reassembled and returned to service.


  • “Joe and his crew are very committed to excellence and customer satisfaction.”
Job Number TX8714-TX8733 4/27/2015 Texas
Job Number CA8097

Major inspection of 20MW GE steam turbine gearbox and minor inspection of ABB generator. Cleaned and inspected gearbox components, recording alignment, clearances, backlash and teeth contact. Replaced low speed turbine end and exciter end bearings. Generator end bells were removed and accessible areas were cleaned and inspected. Full suite of electrical tests were performed.


  • “Very pleased”
Job Number CA8097 4/20/15 California
Job Number CO8546

88.2 MVA plant hit by lightning, returned to service after on-site generator rotor rewind. No high speed balance required.


  • “I cannot express the level of communication provided by TGM staff, particularly Tim Jones.
  • [Professionalism] The entire team: supervision-to-techs.
  • Very Satisfied.
  • Excellent Service.
  • Kudos to Tim Jones, Chris Jones, Dennis Carver, Gary Beck”
Job Number CO8546 2/4/15 Colorado (Tri-State, Nucla)
Job Number CO8634, CO8635, CO8636

Generator testing and inspection (rotor-in) of three Delaval Steam Turbine Generator units (stator, rotor & exciter), approx 13MW each. Includes Visual and Borescope, Copper Resistance, Insulation Resistance, Polarization Index, RTD Resistance Measurement, RTD Insulation Resistance, Doble Power Factor, and AC Impedance.


  • “Thought this project went excellent, the reports supplied to us is very informative and well organized, all employees involved were willing to help explain the process of their testing and discuss the relevance of their findings. Thank you.
  • Greg Keller asked me to perform the survey on the old unit generator testing, this was such a small portion of the work that was completed by TGM in 2014 and only reflects a fraction of the interaction I had with TGM employees that I decided to write this letter. Tim Jones was a pleasure to work with, I was one of the Tri-State employees that helped do the initial online testing to determine the status of the generator. Tim was willing and capable of teaching myself and a few others the relevance of the testing he was performing, and explained the results in a manner we were capable of understanding. I appreciated Tim from the beginning, he ran a very organized Job and maintained a clean and safe work environment at all times. Tim was on plant site for an unbelievable amount of hours and always maintained a positive attitude.
  • All TGM employees were respectful to Myself and my Group and were more than willing to go the extra mile to help keep me informed on the status of the project. It was my duty to remove and install all of the instrumentation and I couldn’t of asked for a better group of guys to work with.
  • Thank you, Tyrel Griffths, Nucla Station I&C Supervisor”
Job Number CO8634, CO8635, CO8636 1/14/15 Colorado (Tri-State, Nucla)