Control System Services

TGM® provides inspection, assessment, repairs and retrofits of Turbine Generator Control Systems – no matter who was the original equipment manufacturer or what aftermarket changes have been implemented.

Control System Services

Emergency Services

TGM® has decades of experience in maintaining and troubleshooting power plant control systems and can respond expertly to customer issues. We provide nationwide service for your emergency needs.

TGM® services Control Systems for steam turbines, combustion turbines, generators and exciters. We also service Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Distributive Control Systems (DCS) and perform Instrumentation & Control (I&C) work on most other plant control systems.

Inspection & Assessment

TGM® performs regular periodic inspection of the entire controls system unit. A regular inspection will insure that your system will continue to perform as designed. In addition, TGM® will assess the condition of the system and recommend preventive maintenance and improvements which will deter future failures or improve overall operating efficiency.

Control Units Serviced

We service systems manufactured by GE (Steam & Combustion), Woodward, and Bently Nevada.  We service Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Distributive Control Systems (DCS) and most other Instrumentation and Control systems in your plant. (Click on highlighted link to see specific systems.)

We perform controls field service work on the following turbine equipment:

  • Gas Turbine: GE Frame 3, 5, 6, 7 (all models and vintage, single, two-shaft, mechanical and generator drives) and Siemens 501 FD2
  • Gas Turbine (aeroderivative): GE LM2500, LM5000, LM6000
  • Steam Turbine: GE, Westinghouse, Alstom, Siemens, ABB, BBC, Elliott, Dresser-Rand, Worthington, Allis-Chalmers, Murray, Toshiba, Shin-Nippon and many others.


If repairs are required, TGM® can provide both the parts and expertise to return your unit to service in the shortest time. Repairs can be implemented either on-site or at the nearest offsite repair facility, depending on your specific requirements of availability and cost TGM®-supplied parts and labor are fully covered by our one-year no-nonsense warranty.

Retrofits & Conversions

TGM® provides turn-key retrofit installation and qualification of improved systems to allow our customers to become more competitive in power generation efficiency. This includes:

Conversion of mechanical hydraulic (MHC) systems to digital systems (EHC). Many of these original mechanical systems increasingly require more maintenance or experience poor reliability.
Replacement of early OEM electronic retrofits that are no longer supported and/or replacement parts are difficult to find.

Excitation Control Systems

TGM® provides voltage regulator and static excitation system support and retrofits.  We provide multiple inspection programs of increasing complexity.

Each program is designed to be performed either stand-alone or matched to a corresponding generator and/or turbine inspection.  We can perform these matched inspections simultaneously, with no additional loss of downtime.

We service analog and digital systems manufactured by GE, ABB, Alsthom, Alstom, Basler, Brush and Siemens.  Click HERE for a complete list.

Running Condition Assessments

Control Systems assessment can be added to our standard Running Condition Assessment program. TGM®’s Running Condition Assessment program employs visual, thermal, vibration and ultrasonic cues, and operational and maintenance history to indicate possible repair requirements.

The assessment looks at the condition and performance of the unit while it is running, which means there is no loss of generating capacity and the assessment is easy to schedule. The program allows plant management to better predict maintenance and capital costs, enhance unit availability and efficiency, and allow better decision making when scheduling major and minor inspections.

This expertise, combined with our generator and turbine services expertise, confirms TGM®’s preeminence as an operational support service company.

Nationwide Service

TGM® provides service nationwide, enabling us to service your entire fleet. Our containerized tooling, our national network of approved vendors, and our on-site repair capabilities can deliver rapid service turnaround in even the most remote locations. You can be sure that we will employ our TGM®-trained management and mechanics in every location.

Specific Controls Services:

GE (steam)

  • MTD-80
  • MHC (mechanical hydraulic controls)
  • Mk II
  • Mk III
  • Mk V
  • Mk Ve
  • Mk VI
  • Mk VIe

GE (combustion)

  • Fuel Regulator
  • Mk I
  • Mk II
  • Mk II ITS (Integrated Temperature System)
  • Mk IV
  • Mk IV+
  • Mk IVe
  • Mk V
  • Mk Ve
  • Mk VI
  • Mk VIe


  • Peak 150 (mechanical drive)
  • 505 / 505E
  • 501 / 503 / 509
  • 43027
  • Micronet
  • EG-3P Hydraulic Amplifier
  • TM-25
  • Pro-Tech overspeed modules
  • Servo Position Controllers
  • Most Woodward control products and final hydraulic positioning devices

Bently Nevada

  • 7200 Series vibration monitoring equipment
  • 9000 Series vibration monitoring equipment
  • 3300 Series vibration monitoring equipment
  • 3500 Series vibration monitoring equipment

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)

  • Allen Bradley (Rockwell Automation)
  • GE Fanuc
  • Automation Direct (Koyo)
  • Distributive Control Systems (DCS)
  • Emerson Ovation
  • Westinghouse WDPF Westation
  • Siemens SPPA-T3000
  • Honeywell 3000

Instrumentation & Controls

  • Field calibrations on temperature, pressure and level instruments
  • Repairs and calibrations to process control valves and valve positioners
  • Set-up and configuration of single-loop controls
  • Water treatment and analyzers
  • Variable frequency AC drives (VFD’s)
  • Continuous emissions monitor (CEM’s) analyzers

Generator Excitation Systems

  • GE EX2000
  • GE EX2100
  • GE early analog and bus fed systems
  • GE rotating (DC generator)

ABB (analog and digital)

Alsthom (analog and digital)

Alstom (analog and digital)

Basler (analog and digital)

Brush (analog and digital)