The Right Planning


Our planning processes allow us to turn your project needs and objectives into a workable plan of action based on your unique unit conditions.

At TGM® we create an individualized plan for you… And we start that planning before our team arrives at your site for the unit walk-down.

We will develop a detailed plan for your outage including a comprehensive Workscope to fulfill your Statement of Work, a Critical Path Schedule to manage the workscope, a Parts & Tools Laydown Plan, a Quality Performance Checklist, and Job Safety Analyses. We also integrate Contingency Planning into our processes so that we can discover long-lead repairs early in the outage and implement pre-planned contingencies.

The Critical Path Method schedule that we provide after our initial site visit allows us to monitor the project progress so we can identify potential problem areas early on and exercise contingencies. Quality Checklists and Job Safety Analyses are derived from this Work Scope driven schedule, and we develop a unit-specific laydown plan to provide efficient use of workspace and the assembly process. Finally, we assist in identifying the parts and unit specific tools to assure that everything is available prior to the start of the outage.

By the time our team arrives on-site to execute your outage, we have already run through our strategies and work tasks to ensure your project will go smoothly. Our project-specific planning is a rehearsal for the final outage performance.