Repair & Shop

If turnaround time is a critical factor in your outage, then TGM® can perform most all machining, turbine repair and generator repair using specialized portable equipment delivered to your remote facility—and we will work with you during pre-outage planning to determine if this option is right for you.

TGM® understands that the necessary expertise to support all turbine generator technical issues cannot exist in one company.

We also understand that a single shop does not make logistical sense for a nationwide organization. So over many years, we have developed relationships with an extensive list of qualified subcontractors across the country, including specialty services, repair shops, and providers of new and refurbished spare turbine and generator components.

Our consultants, qualified shops, and parts suppliers understand the importance of working together to achieve difficult tasks in short durations.  They are part of the TGM® Team and their work is fully warranted under the TGM® contract.

We also understand that customers want various roles in the turbine generator outage, from no involvement to significant involvement. TGM® works with you to establish a  clear delineation of responsibilities prior to the outage.  This allows us to provide effective results without conflict and get your unit back online on time.

Trust TGM and its experience in serving any of your power generation needs. Contact us today for more information.