Total Turbine Care®

Prediction and Prevention–not just Inspection and Repair: Total Turbine Care® is an ideal solution for customers who seek optimized availability and predictable maintenance outages in order to deliver a consistent profit in a competitive environment.

Typically, these customers are cogenerators (producing power to support their manufacturing process) or independent power producers employing alternative energy sources (biomass, waste to energy, waste coal).  Unplanned outages severely impact their bottom line through production losses which are many times greater than the repair cost of the turbine generator.

These customers realize that the goal of zero forced outages requires an operating and service commitment that reaches far beyond periodic turbine generator inspections and repairs.

To meet this need, TGM® has developed Total Turbine Care®, a complete turbine and generator maintenance management program for a specific customer location, and implemented through a multi-year continuous association with the customer.  Benefits include predictable inspection duration and cost and improved unit performance resulting in more assurance that the customer can meet his power contract obligations.

This is much more than a Long Term Service Agreement and less restrictive.  Its focus is prediction and prevention, in conjunction with inspection and repair.  Turbine Generator Maintenance develops a Total Turbine Care® program by working with a customer to understand the production side of their business as well as their generating issues.  Together, we develop a plan and schedule to maximize their profits by balancing maintenance and outage costs against plant uptime. This plan includes:

Periodic Running Condition Assessments to detect impending failures and predict future preventive repair requirements

These assessments include thermal and vibration analyses as well as comparison and analysis of operating data over time.  TGM® also recommends what data to capture.

Multi-year outage plan encompassing Minor and Major Inspections

The inspection plan is based  on the results of the assessments.  Typically the plan includes more frequent minor inspections and less frequent major inspections.  These inspections are scheduled in conjunction with plant generating requirements and have more predictable durations and less total impact on plant operations.

Defined Spare Parts Inventory

This inventory strikes a balance between the potential cost of repair and the real cost of inventory.  The inventory includes a minimum set of long-lead or critical parts and  temporarily increases in advance of planned outages.

Reliability enhancements to reduce trips and load limits.

This could include enhanced or improved embedded monitoring systems installed during planned outages or improved operations processes such as startup/shutdown procedures.

A  dedicated TGM® Technical Director, with intimate knowledge of the operating systems and parameters and history of the unit(s)

The Technical Director will monitor operations and develop an ongoing outage plan.  The TD’s familiarity with each machine results in shorter outages and more comprehensive inspections and repairs.  The customer can directly contact the Technical Director at any time to receive knowledgeable and specific answers to their technical questions.

Total Turbine Care® is a natural outgrowth of TGM®’s commitment to quality and service.  TGM® understands the economies involved in making a profit in a competitive environment and why typical OEM solutions are not cost justifiable.  For over a quarter century, TGM® has been committed to providing exceptional inspection and repair service to allow reliable operation until the next planned outage.

To reduce future unplanned outages, we focus on the root cause of the machine or part failure, and we support our customers’ operations before and after the contracted outage.  This attention to detail has rewarded TGM® and our customers with a less than 1% rework rate on our one year service guarantee after outage completion.  Total Turbine Care® is the future of our field service.  We are extending our commitment beyond inspection and repair and instead encompassing prediction and prevention.

Please contact your TGM® representative to schedule a detailed presentation of the program.

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