Hose Connector Failures

Once again we are inviting comments on a recent safety concern and TGM’s efforts to remedy it.

A 1” air hose came loose from the connector fitting.  The hose whipped across the floor, narrowly missing two mechanics, before a quick thinking mechanic shut off the supply.

Our hoses were equipped with the fitting shown on the left.  After discussion with our supplier, we have chosen to replace this with the crimped sleeve connector shown on the right.  The connector is affixed with a computer operated machine.  The operator inputs the inside and outside diameters of the hose, the type of hose and the connector used.  The machine calculates and applies the correct pressure for a good crimp.

According to our supplier, most customers prefer the old double banded style connector because when a hose gets soft (usually at the ends by the connector) they can cut it and band it back together and save the cost of a new hose.

What do you think?  Are we being too cautious?  Is this a problem in your shop?  How do you handle it? Please join the discussion on this blog article.